The 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival was a Success! Another Blueberry Festival is in the books, and we can’t wait until next year.


This year may have been the first year “Hernando Connects” has been represented in the Florida Blueberry festival, but it wasn’t for their parent sponsor, Century 21 Alliance Realty. C21 Alliance Realty is no stranger to Hernando County, and neither are they to the Florida Blueberry Festival. Alliance Realty and Hernando Connects shared the same booth space this year, and it went great. We gave away close to two thousand backpacks and they were all filled with our Hernando Connects publication. If you were one of the lucky ones who received a backpack and Hernando Connects magazine, then you know of the great companies, local event info, and listings that we offer to our readers. And if you weren’t one of the lucky ones, then stop by one of our offices in Brooksville and Spring Hill and throughout Hernando County and pick up yours today!

Three Festival goers wearing Century 21 Alliance Realty backpacks
2017 Florida Blueberry Festival tent

The Blueberry obsession is real in Hernando County.

People traveled far and wide this year to get a taste of the Blueberry festival, and they were not disappointed. Whether you like blueberry pie, muffins, cookies, cakes,  jams, jellies, wine, beer or all the above blueberry flavored food and drinks, then you would have liked the 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival. Festival goers were amazed by all of the different blueberry flavored possibilities this year. But with all of that blueberry food, lets not forget about all of the arts and crafts vendors that came out this year too! There were handmade signs, jewelry, clothes, paintings, sculptures, animal products, machine parts tents, specialty shoes, and of course our booth. Inside our booth you could come inside and take a load off while seeing great real estate listings throughout the area and talk with experienced realtors about any real estate questions you may have had.

The kids corner was a great place to take the kids to unwind and cool off in the midst of all of the shopping and eating you that you could do. That whole area was devoted to the smaller kids and catered to their tired parents, and parents know that that is a rare find! But one of the most talked about parts of this years festival, were the bands. There were multiple bands that played throughout both days, and were always crowd pleasers. So if you like good food, fun, shopping, and bands, then this would have been the place to be!

A photo op with Miss Anti Oxidant

The things that people forget the most is sun protection and hydration. Now even though there are blueberry wine and beer flowing like rivers throughout the festival, you still need to drink something that will keep you a little better hydrated than those can. So remember to drink plenty of water before and throughout the days that you are in attendance. The many food vendors have plenty of water and other refreshing drinks that would do the trick.

Lets not forget this is Florida, and in Florida, there is plenty of sunshine. So definitely bring sun protection with you. If you do find yourself needing sunscreen or long sleeved clothing, there are multiple vendors that have just what you need.

Downtown Brooksville is hilly! So keeping that in mind, make sure to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes. The festival spreads many city blocks and up goes and down those wonderful Brooksville hills.

When you are shopping, cash is king. Although there were a few with card readers set up in their checkout process, most vendors are cash only. Inside the festival, there are ATMs, and if you are a SunTrust customer, then they are located in the middle of the grounds at your convenience.

So bring your walking shoes, sunscreen, water, and cash to the 2018 festival and you will be all set to have a great day filled with all of the shopping, eating, and entertainment that you could possibly hope for. And make sure you stop by and take a load off inside our tent whenever you get tired or run out of spending money!

Hernando Connects looks forward to seeing you next year for the 2018 Florida Blueberry Festival.



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Another Year, Another Blueberry
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Another Year, Another Blueberry
The 2017 Florida Blueberry Festival was a success, and we cant wait until next year! Here are a few highlights of the Festival through Hernando Connects point of view.
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