Built to Inspect, Inc. Celebrates Its 13th Year of Business


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Built To Inspect, Inc. has just celebrated its 13th year in business. My partner, who is also my son, and I graduated (March 2005) from a Kaplan school called ‘Inspection Training Associates’ established for the sole purpose of training home and commercial building inspectors. Both my partner and I are licensed, insured, and bonded in Florida. We have earned a great reputation in our field and we use one of the best home inspection software programs called 3D Inspections. It is very demanding and makes us very thorough. Honesty and integrity are our hallmarks. We try to work as a team whenever we can. We do not rush our jobs. Our average time on the site for the 2 of us is 3 hours (on large homes at least 4 hours) or at least 6+ man hours per job of honest work time – about twice the time our competition gives a job. We love our inspection business and love meeting and working with new clients, your referrals

We are not deal breakers and we have great “bedside manners” so to speak. We explain problems so they are understood and accepted as a natural process of owning a home and not “OMG’s”. Pricing is not a simple matter. Before we quote, we first go to all the county records where we find the age and size of the structure, check for all permits, dates of roof replacements, A/C permits, any indication of sinkhole mitigations or reports and use this information to quote a price. When a house is over 25 years old, we know a Roof Certification Form and report is needed, when over 30 years old or had a sink hole issue, we know a 4 Point Insurance Inspection is needed, when a house was built after March 2002, we know there is no need for a Wind Mitigation – all possible premium credits are automatically given by insurance companies. When a roof is replaced on older houses, we know a Wind Mitigation is needed to save our client premium costs. We went to school to be trained for these additional inspections and. If we see mold, we recommend mold remediation.   We do all this automatically and charge accordingly. We always confer with the realtors on any serious issues we find immediately after the job so that together we agree on the best way to handle and explain these issues.

If our realtors, mortgage brokers or clients want us to set up WDO inspections (termite), pump/well inspections as well as bacteria tests, septic cleanouts or inspections, Roof evaluations, etc. we can do that to save our realtors or mortgage broker’s time and coordinate that so it can be done at the time of the inspection. We will defer to the realtor, broker or buyer who they want us to use.

Pricing is dependent on what services are needed, the age and size of the house, and any other reports that are needed. And, we give a 10% + discount to all your clients. We greatly discount all sub-reports (such as Wind mitigations, etc.) that need to be added to the cost of the inspections. We also offer a reduced price on a ‘Summary (only) Report that does not compromise our inspection report but does cut out of the report all of the minor issues and the positive items we checked and takes us less time to send this report out (If desired that same afternoon and always within 24 hours). Call us on this, so I can better explain how this works. On a full report, our average turnaround time is 24 hours to have the report emailed after the inspection. We can send you a few sample reports if requested and give you the names of some of the realtors who use and always refer our services.

If you can text and/or call me within minutes of contract acceptance and give me the clients name and phone no., we will call the client, describe our services, after we look up the information (permits, etc.), and quote a most competitive price within a few minutes of your call. We are over 95% successful in getting the job and receiving complete customer and realtor satisfaction with this procedure. In most cases, if an emergency inspection is needed and a Summary (only) Report is accepted, we can do that on a short time schedule – that day and week-ends if needed. If a client wants a ‘how much figure range’ we recommend saying it depends on the factors listed above and ranges from $250.00 to $375.00 on average and that the inspector will explain all of this when the client talks with him. Please call if you have any other questions. We look forward to the honor of serving you.

Yours Truly, Ron Maturi and Mike Maturi



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Built to Inspect, Inc. Celebrates Its 13th Year of Business
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Built to Inspect, Inc. Celebrates Its 13th Year of Business
Built To Inspect, Inc. has just celebrated its 13th year in business. All inspections are done to the strict guidelines and code of ethics of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors and the American Society of Home Inspectors. In addition, they offer services such as Wind Mitigation, Four Point Insurance Inspections, and Roof Certifications.
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