Hernando special needs students named prom King, Queen


Prom is a milestone for many high school students, and the senior class at Hernando County’s Central High School wanted to make sure this year’s event would be one that two of their classmates would always remember.

  • Jordan Heinrichs, Katelyn Ysbrand named king, queen
  • Campaign started with Jordan asking Katelyn to prom
  • Students earned enough votes to be named to court

It all started when ESE student Jordan Heinrichs asked fellow ESE Student Katelyn Ysbrand to prom.

“[Katelyn] really wanted to go to prom, so I knew Jordan had really wanted to ask her, and we talked about, ‘Hey Jordan, would you like to go with Katelyn to Prom?’ ‘Yes, Yes’ So we helped him make the poster,” Central High School ESE Teacher Danielle Ward said.

Then Katelyn had her eyes set on the crown, wanting more than anything to be the Prom Queen. She got Jordan on board, and the pair were determined to make it happen.

Katelyn and Jordan campaigned for King and Queen on their own, handing out cookies and lollipops, asking students to vote for them.

The news spread like wildfire throughout the senior class at Central High School. Teachers said social media played a significant role in spreading the word, with students at other schools even hearing that Katelyn and Jordan were running.

The pair got enough votes to be on prom court and got all dressed up for their big night, and then the moment came. They were crowned Central High’s 2018 Prom King and Queen.

And even a few days later, they’re still just as happy as they were on prom night.

“I was so excited,” Katelyn said.

“I was more touched by the fact that the rest of the campus and the rest of the student body did vote for them, and they followed through,” Central High School ESE Teacher Wilson Sommer explained.

 By Kim Leoffler Spectrum News 9  |  April 16, 2018 @7:29 PM


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