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What is Hernando Connects?

Hernando Connects is brought to you by a special group of Hernando County business owners who come together to promote their businesses. This group, both individually and collectively, are committed to providing exceptional customer experiences. Additionally, Hernando Connects is focused on bringing you information and insight regarding Hernando County.

On our site, you will find a community calendar of events and happenings, articles spotlighting the people, places and things that make Hernando County a great place to be, real estate information and trends, and direct contact links to all the Hernando Connects partners.

Every March and September we produce a very special full-color magazine for the residence of our great county.

Hernando Connects came to be as a byproduct of a sluggish economy.


In 2011,CENTURY 21® Alliance Realty’s Broker/Owner, Marilyn Pearson-Adams, wanted to explore the idea of networking and collaborating with other businesses focused on quality customer service, with the goal of helping each other grow their businesses while giving back to the community. Hence, the beginning of Hernando Connects, six years ago.


Note: Hernando Connects was formally known as C21 Connections.


Today, Hernando Connects is over 30 members strong and continuing to grow all the time. We hope you find the information useful and fun.

If a service provided by a partner is something you are seeking, we highly recommend you contact them. You will be glad you did. 

We believe living, working, growing, and shopping Hernando helps to build a strong community.

How do I become a partner?

Many have asked us how to become a Hernando Connects partner, so here is how!

How to Start the Process of becoming a partner

  1. If you’re particular type of business requires any licensing, your license must be current and valid.
  2. You must have business liability insurance as well as any other types of insurance required for your specific business, such as workman’s comp, and so on.
  3. Contact Hernando Connects Manager, Jared Tanner, here for more information.

If Hernando Connects sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We look forward to connecting with you!


Where is Hernando County?

Hernando County, Florida (also known as The Nature Coast and The Adventure Coast) is approximately 40 miles north of Tampa, on the west coast of Central Florida.

We are directly west of Orlando. Or, as we like to say, straight across from Orlando heading to the West Central Coast of Florida.

Spring Hill Census Map


Just in case you are not sure, the body of water on the west coast of Florida is the Gulf of Mexico.

Depending on which side, east or west, of the Tampa Bay area, you are traveling from, you can reach Hernando County by driving north on the Veterans Express Way (Aka 589 or the Suncoast Parkway).

You can also travel north on US Highway 19, north on US Highway 41, or north on Interstate 75.

If you are traveling from the north to Hernando County, heading south on either Interstate 75 or U.S. Highway 19 will bring you to our beautiful county.

If you have an opportunity to look at a map of the State of Florida, Hernando County is located almost dead center on the west coast side of the state. Additionally, if you are looking at a map that outlines the 67 counties in Florida, you will notice Hernando County is shaped like an anvil.

We hope you come visit our beautiful county and discover why we are proud to call Hernando County home.

Why did CENTURY 21® Alliance Realty create this program?

Real Estate is a major driver in our economy.

Real Estate is the hub in the wheel that begins the economic engine churning, because of all the ancillary services need to complete the real estate buying and selling process.

It just made sense for us to reach out to service providers and small business owners we already worked with and trusted. At CENTURY 21® Alliance Realty, we recommend services to our customers all the time. We began this endeavor with the hope of creating a program that was as special as it was useful.

Additionally, in 2011 when this network of businesses began, Hernando Connects (then C21 Connections), most businesses were still working hard to recover from the economic downturn. At CENTURY 21® Alliance Realty we felt compelled to find creative and affordable ways to promote businesses and our county.

Hernando Connects success has created lasting friendships for all the partners, and a network where together we are making a difference in our community and in our businesses through our winning combination of caring and action by giving back to a community that has served us and supported our companies.


How do I submit events to your site?

We would love the opportunity to help you promote your events.

If you do not find your event on our calendar, please click here and provide the contact information for the person we need to reach out to who can supply us with your event information. Once we make contact, we will begin promoting your event on our calendar.

There is no restriction on how far out we will help promote your events. If you have a confirmed date, we are here to help get the word out.

There is no cost to list your event on our site.

Do not be surprised if we ask your permission to do a feature article on your event. We LOVE promoting our local organizations and letting people know how to enjoy their time in Hernando.

Thank you for connecting with us. We look forward to helping to promote your community event.