Why You Need Owner’s Title Insurance

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What Is Title Insurance?

Owner’s Title Insurance protects your right to your Home. By searching, clearing, and insuring the Title to your home before you buy it, your owner’s Title Policy offers protection for your property rights for as long as you and your heirs own your home.

If the ownership of your property ever come into question, an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy protects you from expensive legal problems that could result in the loss of your Home.


Protect Yourself and Your Family with the Security of Owner’s Title Insurance.

We diligently search public records for documents associated with the property and provide you with an expert, interpretive view of the impact of all recorded matters on the property’s Title.

If our Title Search reveals recorded defects, liens, or encumbrances upon the title, such as unpaid taxes, unsatisfied mortgages, easements, restrictions or other impediments, these are reported to you prior to your purchase of the property.

We offer solutions to resolving these impediments so you own your property free and clear at closing.


How Title Insurance Works

As property changes hands, mistakes, and irregularities-often made long before you expressed interest in the property- can place your ownership in dispute. The Seller may have…

…Avoided disclosure of using the property as collateral for an unpaid loan.

…Fraudulently claimed to be the sole owner.

…Failed to pay real estate taxes.

Even a simple mistake in the recording of legal documents, improper execution of legal instruments or the reappearance of undisclosed or missing heirs can result in the loss of your home.


Title Insurance: The Ultimate Property Protection

If the ownership of your property is ever challenged, Chicago Title Insurance, a plan through Chelsea Title, will defend your possession of the property – and assume the legal costs of that defense – for as long as you and your heirs own the property. What’s more, if any challenge to your property’s title proves to be legitimate, Chicago Title Insurance will pay for your losses, just as your insurance policy provides.


Fulling the Dream of Homeownership

Whether it’s picking out paint chips, planting a new garden, or unpacking all the boxes, making your house a home is a priority.

When that dream is finally realized, why wouldn’t you take every precaution to protect it?

Our business is protecting ownership of your property: often the largest financial transaction you’ll make in your life. For a relatively low, one-time premium, you’re protected against legal problems over property rights that could cost tens of thousands of dollars – even the loss of your home. Dollar for dollar, an owner’s title insurance policy is one of the most cost-efficient forms of insurance for homeowners. Best of all, your on-time premium protects you for as long as you or your heirs own your property.


20 Important Reasons Why You Need Owner’s Title Insurance:

These are just some of the hidden title risks that would not be disclosed by even the most meticulous title search, but are covered by an Owner’s policy of Title Insurance:

  1. Forgery
  2. Fraud in the execution of documents
  3. Undue influence on a grantor of a deed
  4. False impersonation by someone purporting to be the owner of the property
  5. Errors in surveys
  6. Undisclosed or missing heirs
  7. Wills not properly probated
  8. Misinterpretation of wills and trusts
  9. Mental incompetence of a grantor of a dees
  10. Transfer of title by a minor
  11. Heirs born after the execution of a will
  12. Incorrect legal descriptions
  13. Non-delivery of deeds
  14. Unsatisfied claims not shown on the record
  15. Deeds executed under expired or false powers of attorney
  16. Confusion due to similar or identical names
  17. Dower or courtesy rights of spouses of former owners
  18. Incorrect indexing of the land records
  19. Clerical errors in recording legal documents
  20. Delivery of deeds after the death of the Grantor


Chelsea Title has over 30 years of experience in the field, and their staff’s knowledge and quality of service can make a big difference in whether your closing process goes smoothly or is a frustrating series of problems.

They have an in-house title search department to make sure that research is done correctly and quickly. Other title companies may out-source that work, resulting in delays and inconsistencies.

The owner of Chelsea Title, David R. Carter, P.A., provides in-house legal counsel that may not be available with other companies.

Chelsea Title has locations in Spring Hill, Wesley Chapel, and Lutz area, and can provide closing assistance with properties anywhere in the State of Florida. Each day they strive to make your home buying process 100% hassle free and live up to their motto . . . “Making dreams come true, one home at a time.” 



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Why You Need Owner's Title Insurance
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Why You Need Owner's Title Insurance
Chelsea Title has over 30 years of experience in the field, and their staff’s knowledge and quality of service can make a big difference in whether your closing process goes smoothly or is a frustrating series of problems.
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