October is National Pasta Month, and October 17 recognizes National Pasta Day. Pasta lovers celebrate!

Myth vs Fact

Pasta’s origins are ancient.  Contrary to popular belief however, Marco Polo did not discover pasta in Asia and bring it to Italy.  In fact, in 1279 a.d., a will drafted by Ponzio Bastone was found bequething a storage bin of macceroni when Marco Polo was still in the Far East. Early Romans used a very simple flour and water dough.  Pasta is the Italian word for dough.
Thomas Jefferson introduced pasta to the Americas after first tasting it in Naples, Italy.  He was the American Ambassador to France at the time.  In 1789, he brought the first pasta machine, along with crates of macaroni, back to the United States.
Pasta became a common North American food in the late 19th century with the surge in Italian immigrati
Pasta is a type of noodle of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first reference dating to 1154 in Sicily and first attested in English in 1874. Typically, it is made from unleavened dough of durum wheat flour that is mixed with water or eggs and formed into sheets or various shapes. It can then be served fresh or dried to be stored for later use.
The versatility of pasta lends it to sweet and savory dishes.  It can be featured as the main dish, a light, fresh side or even the anticipated rich finish as the dessert.
Fresh pasta was originally produced by hand but, today, many varieties of fresh pasta are commercially produced by large scale machines and the products are widely available in supermarkets.

What’s In the Pantry?

What’s in your pantry?  Homemade pasta sauce tastes great with pasta and is limited only by the ingredients you have on hand.  Follow a recipe or use your imagination.  It’s that simple!
Some basics include olive oil, garlic, tomato and hot pepper flakes.  Combine for a quick and easy sauce.
Keep fresh herbs (basil, parsley) on hand to add flavor.
Pair sauce with vegetables or beans.
Add meat and simmer for a thicker, richer flavor.
  • Dried and fresh pasta come in a number of shapes and varieties.
  • There are 310 specific forms known variably by over 1300 names having been recently documented.
  • In Italy, names of specific pasta shapes or types vary with locale.
  • Example:  Cavatelli is known by 28 different names depending on the region and town.

Learn more about pasta from the National Pasta Association at


Cook up a bowl of your favorite pasta and use #NationalPastaDay to post on social media.


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October 17th, 2017- National Pasta Day
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October 17th, 2017- National Pasta Day
October is National Pasta Month, and October 17 recognizes National Pasta Day. Pasta lovers celebrate!
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