Tree Climbing with Purpose at Tree Care by Robert Miller

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Open: Mon., thru Fri., 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Tree Care by Robert Miller is a family affair. Jovan grew up in the family business, learning the intricacies of tree care from her father, Robert Miller. Now, Jovan Zeller and her husband, Jeff Trent, who are both Certified Arborists, lead the company with philosophies inherited from the Miller family. Ethics and integrity matter. Always do a little more. Do the job right the first time. Those principles guide Jovan in her quest to maintain Tree Care by Robert Miller’s reputation for excellence.

Jovan and Jeff are big animal lovers and, as a result, they have found themselves involved in some non-profit endeavors. In addition to their core business, they have rescued, raised, and released many baby squirrels, and have become “cat-rescuers” by helping to get climbing cats out of trees. Jovan says, “Other tree companies won’t help, but we have rescued many cats. Of course, we can’t guarantee that we can always save the cat, but we are always willing to help.”