Spring Hill is not a large metropolis.

The Census Bureau doesn’t give it “town” status, but rather calls it a CDP or Census-Designated Place. That means that it is a recognizable site, but is not legally incorporated to provide a separate government structure.

It serves as a bedroom community to Tampa, made more accessible by the 2001 construction of the Suncoast Parkway, a limited-access highway stretching from Tampa to Citrus County.

Spring Hill, Florida is an area of Hernando County, west of Brooksville, north of County Line Road and south of State Road 50, encompassing just over 62 square miles.

Newspaper articles graciously shared from the private collection of: Frank E. Mackle, III, President, The Mackle Company, LLC

Spring Hill made it onto Florida maps as early as 1856.

The 'town' officially became established in 1967, when Deltona Corporation’s marketing for its new, planned community lured Northerners to relocate to the Land of Sunshine.

The original plans for Spring Hill were similar to the ones for Deltona Lakes, Florida, another master-planned community developed by the Mackle Brothers and The Mackle Company,  majority shareholders and founders of Deltona Corporation. The Mackle Brothers: Frank Jr., Robert and Elliott, sons of Frank Mackle, Sr., were on the look-out for large parcels of land in Florida and fell in love with the Spring Hill area.

Newspaper articles graciously shared from the private collection of: Frank E. Mackle, III, President, The Mackle Company, LLC

$10 down + $10 per month

They already had success with General Development Corporation, another company they founded. General Development’s national advertising campaign, with photos of families playing on a sunny beach, encouraged people to buy a piece of the Florida dream for $10 down and $10 per month. Their father, Frank Sr., an immigrant from England, started the ball rolling when he launched the family construction business in Jacksonville in 1908.

In 1966, Frank Mackle, III, was a young man, just learning the ropes, when Deltona Corporation broke ground on Spring Hill. He worked as a liaison to the construction department during the development and remembers Spring Hill fondly as his first opening. Eventually, Mr. Mackle, III, went on to become the Senior Vice-President of Construction and Development. He served as President and Chief Operating Officer from 1979 to 1986.

Spring Hill Fountain | Hernando Connects

Developing Florida Communities for a quarter century 

During the 24 years that the Mackles led The Deltona Corporation, they developed the communities of: Deltona Lakes, Spring Hill, Marco Island, Marco Shores, Citrus Springs, Marion Oaks, Pine Ridge, Sunny Hills, St. Augustine Shores, Seminole Woods, and Tampa Palms.

The original entrance to Spring Hill, at the intersection of U.S. Highway 19 and Spring Hill Drive, is marked by a waterfall, a landmark now maintained by the Spring Hill Garden Club. They took over the maintenance and costly restoration of the waterfall in 2011, and refresh the space seasonally with plants and flowers.

Originally published in the print edition of Hernando Connects. Written by Renee Oij.

Thank you to Frank Mackle, III, for his insights and information. To read more about the Mackle Brothers and their impact on Florida, click here.


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